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Grow Waitaha

A transformational programme to rebuild 124 schools.

After the earthquakes, rather than simply rebuilding the 124 damaged schools there was an opportunity to look ahead and construct innovative physical environments that enable future-focused education for all learners and their communities.

Grow Waitaha, initiated by the Ministry of Education, is a partnership between the Ministry, iwi, schools and their communities, and four providers, including Toi Āria.

Toi Āria is providing the research and consultancy in a transformational programme by leading and delivering the Curate Workstream(??)

The programme that support schools through the process of change and the rebuild of 124 schools in Canterbury.




When the Office of the Clerk of the House of Representatives was exploring ideas for electronic petitions to Parliament they turned to Toi Āria to help develop initial concepts.


Designing for All

Designing for All is a national design challenge research project funded by Think Differently and MBIE and led by Toi Āria. It aims to engage the design community in responding to the growing ageing population of New Zealand and developing ideas, opportunities and understanding about how to design and build infrastructure that supports these citizens.